How to Decide Perfect Bridal Lehenga

The bridal lehenga for the bride is the perfect dress for the wedding. You can choose from fabrics like brocade, georgette, chiffon and net. Silk is the most popular.

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In North Indian weddings deciding on the bridal lehenga form the most important part of the wedding planning. The lehengas are usually rich in embroidery with includes precious and semi-precious stones or gold and silver work.

You can customize your bridal lehenga. You must decide on the base material, the colour, the style and the amount of work required. The base material of the lehenga should be comfortable to wear. The colour of the lehenga should stand out. The most popular color is red. But you can also go for new colours like purple, royal blue, emerald green and more. The style should be as per your body frame. You can put your choice of embroidery and stones on it.

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